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Monday 16 May 2016

NARS Blush in Orgasm, Torrid, & Laguna: Swatches & Reviews

NARS Blush in Orgasm, Torrid, & Laguna
Retails for $28US and $32 CAN for the Full size and $18CAN for the mini size of these NARS Blushes and Bronzers.

This week I'm dubbing it as NARS Week on my blog as there has been a number of NARS products I've been trying out over the past year and a bit I've been holding off reviewing for too long. ;)

NARS Blush in Orgasm, Torrid, & Laguna
NARS Blush in Orgasm, Torrid, & Laguna
All three products have a similar formula. The base colours are a satin matte with micro shimmer and texture wise they apply smoothly to the skin.

Orgasm is a light coral pink with gold shimmer. The pink base is lacking though on the skin and with my fair skin this shade looks more like a frosty gold then peachy/pink.

Torrid is a rich strawberry pink with a satin finish.

Laguna is a warm satin bronzer with gold shimmer.

This formula does last on me for 12 hours days.

matte rubbery finish and a nice hinge and clasp mechanism. I do love NARS's packaging as a whole with their black compacts and mirrors.
Daylight swatches: Orgasm & Torrid, Heavy then buffed out.
Flash swatches: Orgasm &Torrid, Heavy then buffed out.
Daylight swatches: Laguna, Heavy then buffed out.
Flash swatches: Laguna, Heavy then buffed out.
I'm really torn about NARS blushes in general both Orgasm and Super Orgasm (Not in this post but I did have a mini ;) ) doesn't impart enough of that colour onto my fair skin to look pink enough as a blush without the shimmer overpowering those shades. I just end up looking very frosty or crazy clown blush pink to get the pink tone to show up over the gold shimmer in person. (I realise the camera can pick up the colour but in person I look like gold shimmer exploded on my face. lol)

Laguna also doesn't work to well on fair skin as it can read too much like a camel brown with a mustard undertone on fair skin.

So If you have fair skin really skip the Orgasm family and Laguna shades....

BUT Torrid however is a favourite as I can work on a number of skin tones as well as sheerly on my fair skin tone.

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