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Wednesday 2 March 2016

indeed labs peptalash ~ Longer, Thicker, Fuller Looking Lashes* : Review

indeed labs peptalash ~ Longer, Thicker, Fuller Looking Lashes*
The indeed labs peptalash ~ thicker, fuller, longer lashes  retail for $24.99CAN at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

indeed labs peptalash ~ Longer, Thicker, Fuller Looking Lashes*
indeed labs peptalash ~ Longer, Thicker, Fuller Looking Lashes* back of the box.
indeed labs peptalash ~ Longer, Thicker, Fuller Looking Lashes* Directions
indeed labs peptalash ~ Longer, Thicker, Fuller Looking Lashes* ingredients
The promise.
Eyeliner brush
Product :
Peptalash serum for thicker, fuller, longer lashes is a gel based serum that you apply to the lash line with a brush.

The Claims:
Three clinically proven peptides work together to give you lashes which appear longer, thicker, and fuller in as little as two weeks. No prescription required. Just two minutes a day yields long-term results. Studies show that while the leading prescription lash product may initially show you faster results within the first two weeks, peptalash™ shows better overallresults after two weeks of use.
Directions: Twice a day, apply a small amount of peptalash to the upper and lower lash line, as you would liquid liner.
Significantly increases lash length, thickness and density intensifies the colour of the eyelashes base for a fuller look.
Fortifies the hair and prevents eyelash breakage.

Widelash: Based on a vitaminated matrikine complex, Widelash™ positively acts on accentuating the natural appearance of the eyelashes and their anchorage to reduce eyelash loss by fortifying the hair fibre and bulb. 
Sympeptide 226 EL: Noticeably strengthens, lengthens and thickens eyelashes in as little as two weeks. 
Now they claim that you will see a dramatic difference in 2 weeks but if you're like me that just in general, has a short hair growth cycle the benefit you will only start to see after 3 weeks. I gave the treatment a full month (4 weeks) before I did my before and after shots and you can see the difference from those but because I could not see a length difference I wasn't sure if this was working. 

Packaging: Is a basic liquid eyeliner pot and brush.
Before & After (1 month use)
Wearing mascara; Bottom lashes also improved!

It does work, I didn't improve that much for my overall length (maybe 2mm), but my lashes are fuller overall after use, as there were more visible hairs overall for both my top lashes and bottom lash line.

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