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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Naked Cosmetics Ivory Collection in IV-01, IV-02, IV-03, IV-04, IV-05, & IV-06 : Swatches & Review

Naked Cosmetics Ivory Collection in IV-01, IV-02, IV-03, IV-04, IV-05, & IV-06
The Naked Cosmetics Ivory Collection retails for $59.99US for 6 X 1.5 g/0.05 OZ of product each which is the amount of product you get in 1 MAC eyeshadow individually for $10 each.

I did get all my Naked Cosmetic collection sets at IMATS for $20CAN to $30CAN depending on the deal I bought them in 2 for $60CAN most years and 5 for $100CAN one year.

Naked Cosmetics Ivory Collection in IV-01, IV-02, IV-03, IV-04, IV-05, & IV-06
TKB base Ingredients: 
Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Titanium Dioxide (77891), Silica, Tin Oxide (778161).
The Naked Cosmetic Ivory Collection  is described iridescent shades, they are finely milled and smooth to apply to the skin. The colour does intensive over a black base or if you apply them wet with a glitter glue or just water.

These pigments match the  TKB Mics Pigment in Interference Basic Seven (7 Hilite Collection) which retails for $9US for a collection of 7 shades at 2.5g each of pure pigment. TKB reseller the pure mica pigments by the names TKB Green Hilite , TKB Red Hilite , TKB Violet Hilite , TKB Gold Hilite and TKB Blue Hilite matches these Naked Cosmetic Ivory Collection.

But the difference is that the base formula of the Naked Cosmetic Ivory Collection  is a lot smoother to work with and the white base colour makes them easier to see the colour shift on bare skin compare to the TKB ones, but the Aura of the TKB ones is slightly more intense because they are purer mica pigments.

IV-01 is a smooth white with a satin/pearl finish.
IV-02 is a deep pink with gold sparks and pearl/aura finish. (TKB Red Hilite )
IV-03 is a periwinkle purple with blue/pink sparks and pearl/aura  finish. (TKB Violet Hilite )
IV-04 is an intend yellow gold with a pearl/aura finish. (TKB Gold Hilite )
IV-05 is an intense turquoise with green sparks and pearl/aura finish. (TKB Blue Hilite and green Hilite mixed)
IV-06 is a ghostly blue with turquoise/pink sparks and pearl/aura finish. (TKB Blue Hilite )

Wear: Because these are loose pigments, you need to apply them to a sticky base to last one the eyes. On their own I get 2-3 hour max with my hooded eye, apply them wet improves the wear to 5 hours but a primer makes them last all day.

Packaging: Simple plastic square jars with rounded corners. The TKB samples come in zip-lock style bags.

Daylight SwatchesIV-01, IV-02, IV-03, IV-04, IV-05, & IV-06 (applied dry).
Flash Swatches: IV-01, IV-02, IV-03, IV-04, IV-05, & IV-06 (applied dry).
I'm not going to lie I'm actually a Naked Cosmetics fanatic, along with Fyrinnae both brands have replaced all my original mineral/loose eyeshadows I got on the market whether they were indie or mainstream brands. It's the care they put into their formulations that you get a smooth to work with product, but doesn't loose the intensity of colour/pigments used. That is what sold me every year to get more of the Naked Collection since 2010 (this being one of they stack I got that year).

As much as I like working with loose pigments most people find it too much work. As I learned how to work with makeup with completely mineral/loose makeup products on the face except for lips, so I've had a tonne of practice for years before going more mainstream with my purchases.
So I can understand others frustration with loose products, where I find pressed is like easy mode for me to work with.

But working with them wet helps to deal with fall out and placement, as well as really intensifying the colour over your skin if you're not using a coloured base. ;) 

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