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Saturday 23 September 2017

Lime Crime Aquarium Liquid Glitter Makeup Brushes : Review & Dupe Alert!

Lime Crime Aquarium Liquid Glitter Makeup Brushes in Powder, Blush, Fan, Shadow Blender, Pencil, Angled Brow, & Lip brushes & Clutch.
The Lime Crime Aquarium Liquid Glitter Makeup Brushes retails for $58US, and I got these at IMATS Toronto for $64CAN. These are back in stock right now with the last of the brush sets.

You can use this link HERE to get $5 off your first order as well.

Powder, Blush, Shadow Blender, Pencil, Fan, Angled Brow, & Lip brushes in display tray with brush protectors on in Clutch.
Powder, Blush, Shadow Blender, Pencil, Fan, Angled Brow, & Lip brushes in display tray with brush protectors on.
Powder, Blush, Fan, Shadow Blender, Pencil, Angled Brow, & Lip brushes.
Bottom of Lime Crime Aquarium Liquid Glitter Makeup Brushes with logo.
Lime Crime Aquarium Liquid Glitter Makeup Brushes Clutch front.
Lime Crime Aquarium Liquid Glitter Makeup Brushes Clutch back.

Powder brush.
This Powder brush is dense enough to pack on the product as needed but it's best used to billed up powder product in layers to defuse the colour on the skin with a light hand and some swirling action.

Blush brush.
 The Blush brush is dense enough to pack on any powder product, but the tip is soft and fluffy enough to defuse the edges of the product on the skin.

Fan brush.
The fan brush is thin and lightweight brush to use to swap off extra powder or to apply a highlighter with. For me personally, this is a brush type I dislike and is not dense enough to buff on a highlighter, but it's not like other cheap fan brushes on the market and still can apply highlighters just fine.

Pencil brush.
The Pencil/smudge brush is firm and dense to really pack on and smudge out your shadows in a controlled way.

shadow blender brush.
The shadow blender brush is large but not huge fluffy blending brush that works well to defuse any eyeshadow and soft enough to not find irritation to my sensitive skin. It's a little too big for my small hooded eyes, but most people would find the size just right.

Angled Brow brush.
The Angled Brow brush is a little too thick for me to use an eyeliner brush unless you like a thick eyeliner, it is very stiff bur feather at the tip enough to get a sharp line while being slightly defused.

Lip brush.
The Lip brush is a nice dense lip brush that can double;e as a detail eye brush for your needs, and it has a nice feather tip for blending but still firm enough to get a crisp lip line with it.

Packaging: These brushes have a thick plastic wall tube handles with water and glitter in them. The bottom capped has the Lime Crime double unicorn logo on them in a dusty light pink metal, and the brush ferrules share the same look. The bristles are a gradient of blue to pink to slightly white are the very tip of each bristle with a natural hair type mimicking texture for all of them except the Lip and Brown brushes which have a straight and smooth shaft. 

The Pouch/Clutch with a secure snap colure is the same metal as the brushes and also shares the same Lime Crime logo on it. The lime crime logo is on the front bottom corner with the glitter filling the back of the clutch that shares the same section as the flap closure. It feels sturdy and thick enough to contain the water-filled section.

Compare / Dupe Alert:
FOREVER 21 Sequin Cosmetic Brush Set
The FOREVER 21 Sequin Cosmetic Brush Set retails for $21.90CAD and doesn't seem to be sold in the US for some reason. I would have never thought of them having these brushes had I not gone to the new FOREVER 21 RED store that opened up locally to me and there they were staring at me in the face. 

These brushes are the same, and I was shocked to see these secondary marketed so soon. And what I'm talking about happens all the time with brands that don't care about preparatory patent their products after they limited runs when working with cheap labour in China. I see shoes, purses, and other items fall into the cheap, not so knockoffs later on. Even my favourite Halloween good that Spirits Halloween items once discontinued that year turn up at the Dollarama the next year. 

So the brushes are identical regarding the materials used, same metal colour, the same glitter used and the exact same fibre type for the brushes... with one minor tweak. The Lime Crime logo is not on the bottom caps of these brushes, and this set is missing 2 brushes, the Fan brush and the small Pencil/smudge brush in the set. You also don't get the Glitter Clutch.

I have to say these are beautiful brushes the work with, they are better quality compared to the cheaper synthetics that China puts out and get the job done.

If you're in Canada and don't need the Pouch/Clutch I'd say go for the FOREVER 21 ones only because almost all water wands like these that are not sealed in a glass tube without a plug will dry out or break down over time.

But i do like the Pencil brush that comes with the Lime Crime set.

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