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Monday 29 October 2012

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No13: Swatches & Review

M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No13
Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is on of the more coverage in mind BB cream on the market. It's almost like foundation with added Benefit. I picked this one because it work on fair skin int he lightest shade. SPF 42 pa+++ coverage in a physical sunblock over a chemical one. I've used this over the summer and still a lovely product to work with during the winter.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream box
ProductSemi-matte build-able coverage cream foundation. This one is light buildable coverage at best so any blemishes have to be concealed. I don't use foundation or skin correctors on a daily bases to test out the wear but did use this over a period of 5 days without any skin issue.

No. 13 Milky Beige is a neutral shade that will work on fair skin tone in the warm, neutral and olive range. I would look ghostly on fair pink skin tones.

Wear: I got 16 hour in in one day during the heat and humidity with out fading.

Packaging: A simple squeeze tube.

Daylight swatch: No. 13 Milky Beige
Flash swatch: No. 13 Milky Beige

Love it! It's definitely something I would use on days I want to look polished with the work of full coverage foundation to correct my skin. because of thew higher physical sun block you probably won't what to use this in flash photography in a lighted set.

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