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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Quo by ORLY Fall/Winter trend 18 Piece Mini Set at Shoppers Drug Mart 2012

Quo by ORLY Fall/Winter trend 18 Piece Mini Set

This limited gift set retail for $40, I had to get this one look as all the duochrome shades! This set contains to duo tone/duochrome shades that had ,e stunned. There are also 6 piece sets for $20 with holiday shades and glitters.

I won't be swatching these again because my nail always get damaged with the work I do and They no ling enough. But I do have a list of dupes. 

Promise to get some nail wheels during IMATS. ;)

The Quo by ORLY line retails for $10 a bottle and is on pare with Nicole by OPI ($9.99) and Essie ($12).

2 tones in Unstoppable Crush and Air of Mystery
Duo chromes in: Perfectly Polished, After Midnight, Turquoise Moonlight, Dare to Dream,
Electric Youth, and Wrong so Right.
Unstoppable Crush, Air of Mystery, Perfectly Polished, After Midnight, Turquoise Moonlight, Dare to Dream, Electric Youth, and Wrong so Right.

The set consist of the fallowing formals:
2 Créme in #1 Red and Fallen Angel
7 Shimmer in Wrong so Right, Fairy Tail, Dare to Dream, Turquoise Moonlight, After Midnight, Cinderella Moment, Perfectly Polished
5 Pearl in Electric Youth, Precious, Air of Mystery, Unstoppable Crush, Free Spirit
2 Glitter in Lal La Land and Wild Child (black with chunky glitter )
2 Sheer in Sweet Revenge (semi sheer red) and Natural Beauty.

Now for the dupes!
Precious, Twinkle Twinkle, Galaxy Girl, After Midnight, Brilliant Sky, Turquoise Moonlight
Wrong so Right is very close to ORLY's Space Cadet from 2 years ago. Also MAC's Mean & Green.

After Midnight is a dead wringer for ORLY's Galaxy Girl from 2 years ago. Also MAC's Formidable.

Turquoise Moonlight is every similar to ColorBlast by ORLY Brilliant Sky which just larger gold shimmer in it. It also reminds me of ORLY's Haley’s Comet from 2 years ago.

Unstoppable Crush is a dupe for MAC Styleseeker Nail Lacquer.

Perfectly Polished is excitedly for me a dupe of Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer because it really impossible to get Zoya in Canada. Zoya Daul has smaller shimmer particles then Perfectly Polished however.

Now most of these duo chrome polishes will need 3 coat as they made a little bit sheer so the shimmer/reflex glitter is apparent rather then buried.

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