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Friday 26 October 2012

Model Mirror: Review

I order two of these Model Mirrors from the US page in COBRACABANA and THE HIPPY SKULL II. I'm directly reviewing the THE HIPPY SKULL II as the COBRACABANA was a gift for my friend but I did check oit out first to make sure it was working. They retail for $25US each and the replacement battery 23A 12V I found in Rexall large Duracell line. Sephora Also as something very similar they where selling for $20US but marked it down to $10US recently probably to put it on clearance. I've been using this since March and just replaces my first battery.

Measures at 10.8cm x 8cm x 1.1 cm and has a 2X magnification one the side with the natural LED light.

THE HIPPY SKULL II is an inlay gold hot sealed into the shell of the base for the design.
COBRACABANA was a complete body deign wrap that is flat to the touch. The design looks like a photograph of snakes skin.

The compact it's self has a sturdy hinge and the button is located lefts side of the hinge to turn on the lights. The right side is where the batter is inserted with a round screw top closer to keep it in place. The round screw top closer I had you use a coin to open and close rather then being able to do it by hand.

The light is pretty potent. I like it but if your in a dark room and recommend shining the light side of the mirror over you face rather then directly at it. In low light setting I find the light to be find shining directly at your face.

Stands on it's own

I love it. In fact I take it everywhere to use when I know I'm going out and need to do touch up.

The THE HIPPY SKULL II seems to be a North American exclusive, but the Europe site has more skin options available including a basic black of $5 less.

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