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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Annabelle BB Skin Perfect Concealer: Swatches & Review

Annabelle BB Skin Perfect Concealer in Light

Annabelle BB Skin Perfect Concealer in Light I picked up for $9.99CAN at Zerhs. Why Because I'm looking for a travel friend concealer to do touch ups on my makeup through the day if need be. 

Product: These are a cream pencil concealer the blend out nicely into your skin. Does it look like skin? Yes so long as you don't cake it one. 

Colour: Currently on comes in 3 shades. Light being the lightest.

Wear: Close to 6 hours wear without a powder to set it.

Packaging: Twist up crayon with no need to sharpen and easy to work with to keep the tip pointed.

Compare: This are comparable to the 24/7 Concealer Pencil ones. I just find the UD ones were a bit more pigmented.

Daylight Swatch: BB Skin Perfect Concealer in Light
Bare Skin on the left, Centre is a thick stroke, and on the right it patted out. 

Flash Swatch: BB Skin Perfect Concealer in Light
Concealer blended where my dark circles is on the right side of my face and on the left side is just bare skin to show how blue my circles are. No other makeup on, yes I'm auburn/ginger. lol
Pretty long wearing on it's own and nice for touch ups through the day. I keep mine in my purse for that reason.

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