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Friday 14 September 2012

The All Natural Face Vegan Foundation: Swatches & Review

The All Natural Face Vegan Foundation:  Porcelain Kissed by Honey, Light Beige Warm, Light Beige Pale,
Olive Warm & Olive Pale
The first I ever was able to find a true match to my skin tone was with mineral foundation from Indie brands. I'll admit learning curve was steep but once you learn how to work with mineral/loose product every thing in a pan is it just too easy afterwards. lol

My original HG foundation come from the brand Everyday Mineral however since their madness of 3 years ago when it came to their dropping all their formulations I just can't love any of their current foundations.

For the past 3 years I've been looking for a full cover non shimmer foundation in the olive range. I had tested the The All Natural Face shade about 4 years ago and then forgot about them because I still was using my Intensive formula from Everyday Minerals. 

These are sample size so that you can test the shade range out first to fins your match. Sample in a 2 gram jar are $3.50US and will last about 5 to 10 full face applications depending on the coverage you use.
Daylight Swatch: Porcelain Kissed by Honey, Light Beige Warm, Light Beige Pale, Olive Warm & Olive Pale

Low Daylight Swatches: Porcelain Kissed by Honey, Light Beige Warm, Light Beige Pale, Olive Warm & Olive Pale

Flash Swatches: Porcelain Kissed by Honey, Light Beige Warm, Light Beige Pale, Olive Warm & Olive Pale

Product: Semi-matte build-able coverage mineral foundation. it not quite as full coverage as Intensive formula from Everyday Minerals but it pretty close. I also found this easier to buff into my skin. Also because this is a powder foundation custom mixing is very simple to do in advance but  make the perfect shade for your skin making a invisible transition from you bare skin to your face.

Mineral foundation is not transfer resistant one it own so i recommend setting it with a finishing spray. Also because my skin happen to be normal to dry in texture i use FIX+ from MAC while buffing it in to add moisture as a go. I spray by brush once, swirl the product in a lid or on palette and then buff into my skin.

Porcelain Kissed by Honey is a neutral pale shade.

Light Beige Warm is a Very comparable to a MAC NC10 or NC5 hue. I could wear this but it's just a touch to warm/peach on me.

Light Beige Pale for the palest of the pale more of a true ivory of those that need a "white" to blend out 

Olive Warm: The closet match to the old Everyday Minerals Olive Fair shade I used. It also not so olive that it look gaunt either which is ideal for anyone in the fair range with a stronger blue undertone to their skin.

Olive Pale: Super pale olive tone. I recommend you those people that are very fair and has a stronger Blue undertone to their skin

Wear: I got 16 hour in this during the summer heat and humidity with out fading. 

Packaging: A simple screw on lid jars for all sizes of their foundation with a sifter to match.

Wearing the Olive Warm to medium coverage so that my freckles show through. My face looks dewy not from oil but my own body heat. My You can see a bit of my natural redness pecking through on my checks and chin but a add more coverage on the jaw line to mask that. Also added some more freckles with GOSH velvet touch liner in brown. I used Eve Pearl primer underneath with this photo.
Photo taken by Convoke Photography.

Verdict: It's a Keeper!
If you looking for great coverage and a rather smooth matte texture to your mineral foundation I recommend checking this brands out.

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