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Thursday 27 September 2012

Miss Sweets! Temptation: Holiday 2012 Trend

Sugar addict fairies from the recent series: Humanity Has Declined
No review this time but their is a definite theme pop up in a lot of brands this year in terms of packaging and literal eye candy.

Personally I've always been a sucker for packing and want to do more of in in my job as a graphic designer so I always take note of cosmetic branding for inspiration as usually they do unique printing and box techniques.


Eye Candy Full Face Collection $77CAN
aka Life is like a box of eyeshadows...

Sweet Temptations Lip Gloss Collection $33CAN
Really the style is reminiscent of Godiva packaging with the matte finish box and warm tone of golds and chocolate browns for both of these sets including the gold texture on brown.  Very grown up in terms of not being gender spastic.

Too Faced Love Sweet Love collection
This collection by Too Faced was inspired by Patisseries in Paris and their shops.

Love Sweet Love Set $55CAN
Can I call this bridal theme of macaron and cake! Pastel in tern of packing colours but the sugar theme is only really found int the book style palette. 

Sweet Indulgence Palette $62CAN
There something about tin boxes that remind me of bake good. I'm most of you had at one point received cooking in a tin box most specially during Christmas.

Shadow Bon Bons Set $45

Again the bon bon box with round shadows are reminiscent of the chocolate covered sweets.

Glamour To Go Spun Sugar Edition $29CAN
The packing is this case doesn't scream sugar to me but more spun gold and frilliness.

MAC Holiday 2012 Collection Glamour Daze
This collection in massive so I wont go into details about the products but this post was inspired by this collection. On I had joking mention that the packing for the holiday sets reminded me of Macaron. A day later sherm on Specktra found this MAC meeting photo's taken during one of MAC's holiday planning meeting posted on Instagram.

Macaron image from Wiki page. Sourced by sherm, posted by @sfmacteam "Pastels, pastilles, and Parisian macaroons! #glamourdaze #industryrally"
Whether of not they instead to make this packaging to look like a black filled Macaron was probably not the intention but the plush pillow shade and pastel palette for the packaging was just too fun.

I'm actually liking forward to this collection from MAC. The last time I was excited for a Holiday set from MAC was Royal Assets 2007.

Have you seen any other "Sugar" related holiday packing lately int he beauty department?

Note: Watashi(me) aka Miss Sweets is a the main protagonist of Humanity has Declined. I have sugar on the brain as I'm making her (and a hoard of fairies) for my winter cosplay.

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