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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Revlon Color Stay Whipped Creme Makeup Ivory & Buff:Swatches & Review


Revlon Color Stay Whipped Creme Makeup 110 Ivory & 115 Buff
Revlon Color Stay Whipped Creme Makeup in Ivory & Buff. Retails for $13.99US or $19.99 CAN as most drugstores, I got these as Zerhs for $17.99CAN The cheapest I've found them in Ontario.

Revlon Color Stay Whipped Creme Makeup 150 Buff

ProductSemi-matte build-able coverage cream foundation. It's almost concealer like but still lighter in texture. It is a dryer product/finish then a liquid foundation. While working with it in stuck any and dry spots I didn't realise I had on my forehead. I was kind of shocked actually as my forehead felt smooth,  but the product did caked natural to those spot. So I highly recommend exfoliating first before applying just in case. I also found it texturized any fine hair on the face with a brush but using a sponge like a beauty blender soften that up.

Right side of Face 150 Buff, Left side of Face left bare. Applied using a brush, can you see the line were I stopped?

Coverage was good. I took out my redness, unevenness and any blemishes I had. My freckles are barely viable on my right side as well.

110 Ivory Is a cool ton fair/pink

150 Buff is a neutral warm fair shade.

Both are too dark on me but 150 Buff is closer in tone.

Wear: I got 18 hour in in one day during the heat and humidity with out fading. It's stick really well.

Packaging: A simple screw on lid jars. But the glass bottom is SUPER heavy.

I also found it funny that the tester was in a squeezes tube in the shade Nude only and had 1 oz verses the 0.8 oz of foundation you get in the jar. hmmm I want the tube Revlon!

Daylight swatch Heavy: 110 Ivory & 150 Buff

Flash swatch Heavy: 110 Ivory & 150 Buff

Daylight swatch blended: 110 Ivory & 150 Buff

Flash swatch Blended: 110 Ivory & 150 Buff
Finally a full coverage Drugstore foundation, not only that it's long wearing!

It a shame that it does not come in a shade like Vanilla from the Photo Ready line that is a pale warm based nude as going into winter I loose what little colour I get during the winter. My paleness will become more evident as early as November if I tried to use 150 Buff. >_<


  1. wonderful review very helpful thank you!!

  2. You're very welcome. It's a shame I'm so pale because I'd love to have a drugstore available foundation.

  3. Vanilla is clearer than buff?
    I think ivory is much clearer but is pink, and i am neutral fair

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by clearer. The both pretty opaque but Ivory is lighter and pink toned.

  4. I bought PhotoReady in ivory and is lightweight, but pink. I want to know if the vanilla is too light, because once I bought the pressed powder Loreal porcelain and transformed me to dark =(

    1. Vanilla in the photo Ready line is lighter then Buff in this Whipped Creme Makeup and also warm tone. I've never tried the pressed powder as they all look too dark to me. ;)

    2. hello
      is vanilla in photo ready lighter than ivory in whipped cream or darker? How is vanilla in photo ready compared to ivory in whipped cream in terms of shades and tones? thanks. i use shell in photo ready but it is a bit too warm for me makes my face look dull. i am asian with more yellow under tones. fair skin. :)

    3. 150 Buff is a darker version then Vanilla, is very close but more pink.

  5. Hi
    how is vanilla in photo compared to ivory in terms of shades and tones? i am fair skinned asian girl with yellow tones ( veins are green in sunlight ). shell in photoready is ok but but dull.

  6. Is Vanilla lighter than Ivory?

  7. they close to the same depth but Vanilla is yellow based.