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Friday 14 September 2012

The All Natural Face Diva Stix: Swatches & Review

The All Natural Face Diva Stixs in Creme Brulee & Milk

Part of their spring lunch Marcelle has adding a range to there parent brand line of jumbo shadow pencils. In fact the ingredient list is identical to the Annabelle line of Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils as well as the amount of product per pencil. $3.88US
Daylight swatch: Creme Brulee & Milk

Flash Swatch: Creme Brulee & Milk

Product: These Diva Stix are hand poured in to the empty black pencil. For that reason my Creme Brulee Stix had bubble only at the top that broke during shipping on the surface layer only. 

These are waxed based creme shadows that are smooth gliding and rather pigmented.

Colour: Solid coverage and true to what it look like in the sticky.

Wear: These I used on their own and as a bass and they held up well without a primer a full 12 hours on me before fading happened on the eyes. (I got to say pure white it not that attractive on it's own lol)

Packaging: Simple black pencil body ad "wood" that sharpens smoothly with a clear lid.

Daylight swatch: Creme Brulee eyeshow wet, Creme Brulee eyeshow dry, Creme Brulee Stix, Milk Stix, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Flash Swatch: Creme Brulee eyeshow wet, Creme Brulee eyeshow dry, Creme Brulee Stix, Milk Stix, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk 

Creme Brulee eyeshadow from The All Natural Face, is a beautiful duo chrome nude as it shifts from a nude to a gold with a subtle peach tone and has a a satin finish. The Diva Stix for some reason is much darker and looses that subtlety of seen in the powder version. It a much more gold bronzer colour.

NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk is a touch more pigmented but I found when both of them NYX and Milk Diva Stix was blended out they were very similar. Also if yo u have oilier lid the Wax in the Diva Stix based will hold out longer the the grease paint base of the NYX Jumbo pencil on the lids.

Verdict: Definitely a keeper!
For those that are afraid or experience creasing with a jumbo pencil because of the shape or oil lids I recommend checking this line out. I was only disappoint with the colour shift of Creme Brulee from a powder to the cream version.

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