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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette Free style palette conversion and depotting.

Depotting is nothing new but I find I helpful when other post how they depot complicated palettes. I also liked the compact and wanted to use it again for a smaller freestyle palette.

You will need:
Aluminium foil
Hair straighten or an oven
99% rubbing alcohol (91% will work as well)
Magnetic sheet with glue backing
A metal nail file or metal spatula
1 sharp knife

Step 1: Wedge out the tray

Most compact trays have tabs on the lid to keep them in place. This one is just glued in. It's annoying! After wedging the tray with a spatula I use a straight edge blade knife to "cut" the glue as I went.

Most glues will be devolve in 99% alcohol but not this one thus the knife was used as a way to separate the tray from the compact.

Step 2: Clean your Compact

I used straight 100% acetone to clean off the glue. I took a few scrubs with it but the black powder coat didn't fade at all.

The reason for this is you want a smooth surface for your magnet to adhere too.

Step 3: Heat the Tray

Sagging tray on left side

Now that you have you tray of shadows you need to make a tin foil bed to protect your heating element from the plastic of the tray.

I use a low grade straighten iron I worth with my wig with. It doesn't get hot enough to work my hair. lol

I turn the straighter onto high and leave one side of the pan over the plate of the iron. I usually wait 20 minute or the tray starts to sage from the heat.

At this pint the glue that holds the pans in place is super soft or completely melts and you pans can be popped out with ease.

Put them to the side then start heating the other side of the pan.

Step 4: Clean you pans

You remove any left over glue on your eyeshadow pans use 99% rubbing alcohol to devolve it.
The Kat Von D pans are magnetic metal so no need to a metal palette to be added.

Step 5: Add the magnet to palette

The magnetic sheet I traced the shape of the palette onto the backing sheet and cut 2mm inside that line to fit the bottom of the palettes. The adhesive backing stick well to the metal.

Once don you almost have double the space for the pans.

all original 8 pans on left side and a 1 MAC regular size eyeshadow and I MAC pro size eyeshadow

Now you have a cute travel compact that fits more product in it.

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